Social Media Initiatives

Social Media & SEO Services

These days Social Media has taken over our day-to-day lives and daily increasing number of users spend considerable amount of their time using internet and social media from desktop as well as mobile phones and other devices. Many organizations are taking advantage of these platforms to promote their brand, products and services. It has been a defacto standard to not just be present but to be actively involved in Social Media.

We provide end-to-end services, right from creating a website, SEO, to creating & managing Facebook pages, Campaigns, Facebook apps, Contests, Microsites, Mobile applications tightly integrated around your marketing strategy for your brand or product. We have strong case studies where we have undertaken various product launches, campaigns and other social media initiatives for leading brands in India.

Aim of Social Media Activities:

  • Broaden the reach of the Brand
  • Demonstrate brand personality
  • Interact with Customers instantaneously and at regular basis
  • Boosting reputation and building relationships with stakeholders
  • Create online Sales Channel & Increase Sales
  • Using Facebook Insights to understand consumer behavioral pattern

Why use Social Media Social Media has a huge potential market with more than 1.3 billion users across the world. It is easy to publish Marketing messages, Campaigns and Brand awareness across the social media channels. Through this medium brand gets customer interaction & feedback; thereby creating a Brand recall. We can also target specific customer segment via filtered data like Male, age group of 25 – 35, Geographical location and so on.

Search Engine Optimization

  • Optimize the web pages to Improve ranking and get higher visibility on search engines
  • On-Page Optimization
  • Optimization of text, images, tags, URL structure, links, headers etc
  • Off-Page Optimization

Important aspects of On-Page Optimization
  • Page titles
  • Meta tags
  • HTML tags like headers & ALT
  • Keywords
  • URL optimization
  • Internal linking
  • Image optimization
  • Content optimization
  • HTML to Content ratio
  • Improve load time

Off-page Activities
  • Site Audit
  • Website and Web page Analysis
  • Keyword and Key-Phrase Analysis
  • Competitor Website Analysis
  • Google Analytics
  • Site submission to various search engines
  • Google & Bing Webmaster tools
  • Back linking
  • Blogging
  • Ongoing Analysis
  • Traffic Analysis

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