Responsive Website Development

Website Development

Centiment Solutions has sourced and custom built the best content management solutions to match up with almost any business requirement or web development project. By clarifying the customer's needs, budget and vision to get the most from a custom built content management system. Centiment Solutions has specialised in the best-of-breed content management solutions to suit any business requirement, from a simple website with only a few dozen pages, to large corporate CMS websites using CQ5, Interwoven, Nectar, Vignette or OpenText etc.

Web content management has transformed from a static publishing process to a highly engaging web experience that compels audiences to interact and engage. Create, publish and measure online audience behavior against your key goals. With integrated optimization tools, Web Experience Management gives you the power to help drive a measurable ROI and maximize the value of your web content. As the customer experience becomes more pivotal in the online channel, Marketers must have the best technology to reach and convert audiences into loyal customers. Web Experience Management gives you the capacity to deliver compelling web experiences that transform searches into visits and visits into actionable engagements.

Centiment Solutions offers web site design and maintenance services which are determined by the customer's goals and guidelines. Web site design and maintenance go hand in hand therefore web sites should be designed to maximize usability which often demands periodic revisions.

Committed to delivering innovative solutions to our clients, we engage with our clients to help them achieve high performance. Leveraging cutting edge technologies and tools to generate path-breaking process improvement.

We have design & development teams to deliver product or brand centric websites that have Responsive Website Design (RWD) to adapt itself to any device. We undertake design and development of websites which are Static, Dynamic with database interactions, or based on Content Management Systems (CMS). We have our own custom developed CMS, and also develop using Open Source Content Management Systems such as;

  • Joomla
  • WordPress
  • Drupal

We also manage a number of website and portals which have been developed on Enterprise level CMS like;
  • Vignette / Open Text
  • Interwoven
  • CQ5
  • Communique
  • ATG Dynamo
  • Nectar

Every website that we work on is bespoke, we make sure that it is unique, tailor made to your needs, communicates your brand image and is state-of-the-art. We use latest technology like HTML5, CSS3 with jQuery to make sure that the site is responsive and adapts to desktops as well as devices.

Website Management Services

We undertake website management contracts where we manage your website and handle tasks like:

  • Upload new content
  • Upload products, news & events
  • Change Photos or Documents
  • Change navigational structure
  • SEO related implementations / changes
  • Site backup and upkeep
  • Adding new static section or pages
  • Changing data capture forms
  • Publishing / Un-publishing content
  • Newsletters

The website can be static or a dynamic site driven via a Content Management System(CMS) or even an eCommerce site. We have two contractual models in place where in client can engage in a contract for managing a site or can contract for a dedicated person or team which will be dedicated full time to manage the site.

We have proven case studies and currently manages websites for various organisations having Enterprise class Content Management Systems.

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